Wakanda Education Initiative

The Wakanda Youth Initiative develops a Pan African curriculum to break the cycle of poverty, internalized “minority” status, and which is a pandemic among youth of African descent globally. Our curriculum and mentorship is grounded in Blackness, Pan African identity, culture, the principles of faith and full and sweeping social inclusion. WYI leverages education, sports and the development of social skills to empower youth on the continent and in the Diaspora. WYI brings dedicated role models to provide first-hand insights on social inclusion, leadership, life skills, the arts, business, and technology to support young dreamers and entrepreneurs develop their ambitions.


The Wakanda Project Youth Initiative broke ground by launching our first project in 2018, Congo Tomorrow. This social justice initiative seeks to inspire Congolese youth to seize a future of Pan African peace, power and prosperity. Congo Tomorrow celebrates the sacredness of the female body, reimagines masculine power, embraces LGBTI people, and promotes economic justice. In year one we have trained and engaged over 250 youth, and brought together over 1000 Christians in worship to support this generation in transformation.

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