About Us

Interconnected Justice (ICJ) is the architect, strategic partner, and convener of a range of progressive social justice projects that are aligned by values and mission.  The focus areas of projects are Pan Africanism and racial justice, LGBTI dignity, womanism and women’s rights, and inter-religious dialogue. The work of each project is intersectional, that is, designed with an understanding of how justice issues relate to and impact each other.

Executive Director Bishop Joseph Tolton


Bishop Joseph William Tolton is the founder and President of Interconnected Justice which was established in 2019. The strategic intent of the organization is to be a global force uniting and promoting progressive justice causes through shared research, the exchange of intellectual capital, networking, collaborative strategic philanthropy, and mutually supportive activism.


The Bishop’s passion for connecting progressives flows from his deep convictions that the global project of our lifetime is to deconstruct patriarchy and to dismantle white supremacy. Bishop Tolton believes this is a spiritual project that demands secular activism.


As a Global faith leader Bishop Tolton continues to serve as the Bishop of Global Ministries for The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries. In this capacity, he designs and manages TFAM’s justice ministries and collaborations outside of the United States with a focus on East Africa. Bishop Tolton works directly with leaders to build integrated justice movements connecting activists with civil society advocates, media professionals, academics, and political leaders.


Under Bishop’s stewardship, TFAM is in the midst of aligning its US and Africa based ministries with like-minded networks in Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.


Bishop Tolton graduated from Vassar with a BA in religion, and also earned an MBA from Columbia University Business School.

Africa Outreach Manager Louis Busingye


Louis Busingye is Human Rights lawyer from Rwanda. He has worked and widely written on Human Rights, Public International Law and Access to Justice. His passion lies in Human Rights and equality. Louis is a Chevening scholar currently pursuing an LLM in International Human Rights Law at Lancaster University. (UK).

Strategic Consultant Drew Giddings


Drew Giddings is a strategic thought leader, Executive Coach, fundraiser and organizational development specialist, and advises social entrepreneurs, founders and charities. During the last two decades, he fundraised tirelessly to support numerous causes, led social change and community engagement. He’s a Founding Board member of African Health Now and former board chair of Lifeforce: Women Fighting AIDS. Drew holds graduate degrees in Religion and Education, and completed executive management programs at the Institute for Not for-Profit Management at Columbia Business School, and the Community Development Finance Lab at the New School.

Program Consultant Ann Craig


Ann Craig served as Executive for Spiritual & Theological Development for the national offices of United Methodist Women, the Director of Religion at GLAAD, and is Co-Spokesperson for The National Affirmation Methodist Council. Ann received an undergraduate religion degrees from Nebraska Wesleyan and earned her Masters of Divinity from Yale University.