Interconnected Justice

Interconnected Justice (ICJ) is the architect, strategic partner, and convener of a range of progressive social justice projects that are aligned by values and mission.  The focus areas of projects are Pan Africanism and racial justice, LGBTI dignity, womanism and women’s rights, and inter-religious dialogue. The work of each project is intersectional, that is, designed with an understanding of how justice issues relate to and impact each other.

Programs of Interconnected Justice


African Americans for Africa (AAFA) mobilizes African Americans and our allies to advocate for a fair and just US foreign policy toward African nations concerning specific themes. In the pursuit of policy shifts the project designs a range of relevant social and economic Pan African partnerships.  African Americans for Africa is a program of Interconnected Justice.

JUSTICE CONVERSATIONS is an online webcast hosted by Bishop Joseph W. Tolton that features interviews, round tables, and news stories which elevates progressive justice organizing around the world.

KOGIS is a Pan African project that aims to address the needs of girls in East Africa whose education is compromised by their absence during their menstruation cycle. The provides local girls in High School with menstrual pads, menstrual hygiene products and information on sexual and reproductive health.